'Communicating Well Performance'
'Communicating Well Performance'

"Communicating Well Performance"

Downhole Well Measurement Technology

Performance Monitoring and Optimisation

The INNERPATH team are developing advanced Well Communications systems and sensor Technology

These exciting new products will address lowering the cost of downhole data acquisition for the Global Oil and Gas Sector to provide sensor measurements.  Lowering the industry CAPEX and OPEX costs will allow for wide deployment in many wells to optimise well productivity and improve asset management.   

The first systems to be available for industrial deployment will be the Wellhead Communications Modem™providing a solution for production and integrity monitoring.

Communicating Well Performance

The company formed in 2017 and have brought together a unique team of Well Engineering and Communications Technologists.   The unique product solutions involve the adaptation of internet and tele-communications for well Applications.  

We will undertake the development, manufacturing and installation of innovative technologies to address the need for improved efficiency and well cost reduction. 

These novel products and services will bring digitalised solutions to wells allowing interconnection with existing IT infrastructure.   

Please sign up in the Contacts section below and watch this space for further information. The first commercial systems will be ready for deployment in late 2019.   

Industrial Partners and Research Collaboration

Our mission is to provide solutions for enabling the Digital Oilfield and to supply the Global Energy Sector with advanced wireless connectivity and downhole sensors.   

The communications systems will be configured with interfaces to allow a new generation of well measurement sensors to be developed.   

The goal will be to deploy measurement systems for optimising production wells and allow an electronic data infra-structure to collect information for monitoring plugged and abandoned wells and work with our clients to add value to specific projects.

We are committed to addressing cost reduction within the industry and developing innovative products to minimise non-productive time.  

Please contact Innerpath Technologies to collaborate on your future project requirements.


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